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Located inside of Brenham Fitness Center, NexGen Cryotherapy exists to provide "next generation" services and modalities to help improve the health, wellness & quality of life for the people in Washington County and the surrounding areas. We offer Whole Body Cryotherapy along with NormaTec Compression Therapy. These services are growing in popularity worldwide, and for good reason, given proven benefits such as reduced muscle soreness & recovery time, improved performance, increased blood circulation, wrinkle reduction & anti-aging, reduced inflammation, a myriad of cognitive benefits to lower stress and anxiety levels, and much more!

These are "big city" services that we are excited to bring into a small town community such as Brenham. With competitive pricing and ease of access, these premium services are affordable for everyone! Come see us on 1113 Prairie Lea Street, Inside of Brenham Fitness Center!

Look & Feel Better Everyday!

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Cryotherapy User

"I've tried everything from Western medicine to natural, homeopathic healing, and whole body cryotherapy is one of the things that gives me instantaneous results"

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