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  • What Do I Wear?
    We provide every customer with a robe, socks, slippers, and gloves for the purpose of protecting your extremities during treatment. Men are required to wear their own underwear or shorts. All clients must remove jewelry and exterior body piercings below the neck. Additionally, clients should not apply oils, lotions, or cologne prior to treatment.
  • How Long is A Session?
    A Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions typically lasts 3 minutes, but you may end the session at any time.
  • How Cold Does it Get?
    We have different levels (1-3) that range from -130 Degrees to almost -200 Degrees. Each customer will be started at level 1, and has the option to get colder as they become more comfortable with the treatment.
  • Who Should Avoid Cryotherapy?
    Do not use Whole Body Cryotherapy if you have any of the following conditions: Pregnancy Heart Disease High Blood Pressure not controlled by medication Cold-Activated Asthma Severe Raynaud's Syndrom Children under 18 must have written consent and a guardian present. Clients with severe medical conditions not listed above should get doctor’s consent before doing WBC
  • How Often Should I Do Cryotherapy?
    The peak benefits of WBC are best enjoyed as a result of a regular routine. While clients may experience benefits from a single treatment, we recommend doing WBC three to five times a week for the first two weeks. This will induce cumulative effects in the body. After that, maintenance as needed to sustain benefits.
  • Can I Do Cryotherapy After a Workout Or Shower?
    No moisture can be present on the body when you step into the chamber. If you would like to do a session after a workout or shower, we suggest throughly cooling down or drying off before getting inside. The entire procedure is dry and does not make your skin wet. Many clients come by during their lunch break since the entire treatment is only 3 minutes long.
  • Can I Exercise AFTER A Cryotherapy Session?
    Yes, an advantage of cryotherapy over ice therapy is that tissues and muscle are not frozen. Ten minutes of light exercise post cryotherapy will induce more rapid vasodilation of the blood vessels and capillaries and extend the period of analgesia. It is also ideal post-workout to speed athletic recovery and ease sore muscles.
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